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Lost In Translation

Juggling Mom

Thanks to our anonymous submitter for this highly avoidable job! So… call them stay-at-home moms, or housewives, or homemakers, or even mommy-bloggers… but we’d suggest you don’t call them this: You know, all those ‘sitting-at-home mothers’, with their bonbons and … Continue reading

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Sorry, Can You Repeat That?

  BUT YOU FORGOT TO GIVE US A WAY TO CONTACT YOU!!!!!!!!??? Highlights: Hey, guys, you don’t need to make the word “job” into an awkward, grammatically incorrect acronym about making money. It already has that meaning, all by itself. … Continue reading

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Look, you want to make an easy $25. Who doesn’t? But sometimes, you’re really in the mood to make that sweet, easy money and┬ásimultaneously risk getting shot point-blank in the face. Well, lucky you! This job posting is here to … Continue reading

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Pygmalion Comes To Craigslist

Goes from funny, to creepy, to downright disturbing in just three lines! Who could ask for more? Highlights: Why the quotation marks around ‘sculpture’?! It’s the wrong word, yes, but clearly the poster doesn’t know that or else they would… … Continue reading

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