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Party In The USA

Party Hat

There’s no better way to introduce this “job” than through the words of our submitter, R.K., when asked if he/she had anything else to say about this ad: “Just, what the hell is she talking about?” What indeed, Mister or … Continue reading

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OMG Dream Job!

OMG Lolcat

  ZOMG YOU GUYS! It has finally happened! A job has been offered! Now, I’m no mathmagician (that’s what professional math-doers are called right?) but I’d put the statistical probability of finding a job posting INTENDED for job seekers WHO … Continue reading

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

This is just… sad. “Band Looking For Girls” – ¬†great band name. “Band Looking For Girls” – great memoir name. “Band Looking For Girls” – heartbreaking job posting name. The question that immediately comes to mind is: how unbelievably shitty … Continue reading

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May You Live In Interesting Times

Thanks to Avoid This Job reader Jessica, we have new sadness to add to our The Kids Are Not Alright category: Let’s cut right to the chase here: WHAT IN THE HELL DOES “INTERESTING COMPENSATION” MEAN? Are you actually trying … Continue reading

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What A Weird Question

Avoid The Noid

Job Posting Rule #47: if you’re going to ask a question in the subject line of your job post, it’s best to be fairly certain that the most likely answer isn’t a confused: “Huh? Umm… no.” Huh? Umm… no. Job … Continue reading

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