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Bed, Bath and Beyond

This post was singlehandedly responsible for the creation of a new AvoidThisJob category, entitled simply: “Ew.”   Why “today?” What is the rush? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE THE RUSH ON THIS?

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Put Them All In One Basket

All Eggs In One Basket

What. Is. Going. On. 1) Gross. 2) No. 3) What “references” could you possibly be looking for? 4) WHERE ARE THESE EGGS GOING? 5) Again: No. 6)¬†Is your ideal candidate only “trustworthy” when it comes to eggs and their well-being, … Continue reading

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Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Look, you want to make an easy $25. Who doesn’t? But sometimes, you’re really in the mood to make that sweet, easy money and¬†simultaneously risk getting shot point-blank in the face. Well, lucky you! This job posting is here to … Continue reading

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$25/hr To Follow My Wife

Stalker Alert

I’m sure this situation is healthy, and not all dangerous for anyone involved! What a wonderful opportunity! What could possibly go wrong? Oh, that’s right, everything you could possibly imagine. And then some more.

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Salesperson For Towels

Are you a linen-lover desperately looking to work, in some capacity, with towels, but you find the atmosphere at Bed, Bath & Beyond too stifling and “corporate”? Oh, no? That does not in any way describe you? Or anyone you … Continue reading

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