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I Will Always Love You-ou-ou-ou-ooooo! Oou.

The Bodyguard

At first glance, it would appear we can break this ad down, as per usual, focusing on each little piece of crazy as it comes, like so: Red Flag #1: SO specific. SO weird. SO racist. Who knew a list … Continue reading

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Modern Times

Modern Times

There’s a lot to love about this modern age: refrigerators, antibiotics, indoor plumbing, the joys of basic cable, Quarter Pounders with Cheese… I mean, sure, we’re all undoubtedly hurtling towards some sort of massive, man-made apocalypse, careening into the black … Continue reading

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Catch Me A Catch

Roxanne Job

  Have I seen the movie Roxanne? A much more important question is: Have YOU seen the movie Roxanne? If so, were you stoned and/or in grade school at the time? Does your skull contain an actual functioning brain, or … Continue reading

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Oompa Loompa Position

Oompa Loomp Job

Caution: in-depth and/or repeated readings of this ad might cause you to emerge with a quiet malaise and a sense that the world is tragically off-course, our future in the hands of deeply stupid, insensitive people who are somehow managing … Continue reading

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So That’s Why They Call It A Crackberry…

Can You Hear Me Now Guy

  Highlights: The seemingly sincere use of mind-boggling phrases like “texting duties” and “texting responsibilities.” The somber, professional tone of the last line. “Serious inquiries only.” Sadly, this is an impossible request, job poster. Things that are statistically more likely than you getting … Continue reading

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