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Wanted:spell Check,strunk,white.

The inappropriate capitalization and deeply claustrophobic punctuation of the subject line is a great way to start this job post, striking just the right note of ‘unprofessional, with a hint of crazy’.   1) When you say “not a strip … Continue reading

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Lost In Translation

Juggling Mom

Thanks to our anonymous submitter for this highly avoidable job! So… call them stay-at-home moms, or housewives, or homemakers, or even mommy-bloggers… but we’d suggest you don’t call them this: You know, all those ‘sitting-at-home mothers’, with their bonbons and … Continue reading

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Book Learnin

As submitter Caroline notes, “this one is really only good for the title. Oh, but it’s SO good.” She is not wrong. Come on. Come on,¬†Educational¬†Institution!¬†You misspelled 25% of the subject line of this job listing. That is… well, frankly, … Continue reading

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Data Entry Ninja

Data Entry Ninja

Oh, hooray. More ninjas.   First off, the description of this position looks like a bizarre Word Jumble gone wrong. Did the CEO of your company get drunk while playing Boggle and decide The Universe was telling him to invent … Continue reading

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Dead On Arrival

Hmm. Something here is definitely not right. Are you absolutely sure that’s the word you meant to use? Because it is making this job sound a lot more horrifying and/or underpaid than I think you intended it to.

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