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You, Sir, Are No Gentleman

Buffy Gentlemen

It sure seems like the word “gentleman” is getting thrown around a lot these days. Originally used to describe landed men of impeccable breeding, background and manners, it morphed slowly into a description of any considerate, kind, male-gendered person. To … Continue reading

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The Worst Way To Party Like A Rock Star

William Shatner on a Horse

Let us, for just a moment, talk once again about the qualities of a rock star. Rock stars are… Talented? Occasionally. Alcohol (ab)users? Often. Eating disordered? Often. Raging narcissists? Often. Drug (ab)users? Often. Promiscuous? Often. Excellent providers of high-quality childcare … Continue reading

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May You Live In Interesting Times

Thanks to Avoid This Job reader Jessica, we have new sadness to add to our The Kids Are Not Alright category: Let’s cut right to the chase here: WHAT IN THE HELL DOES “INTERESTING COMPENSATION” MEAN? Are you actually trying … Continue reading

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If Your Child Makes It To 18, It Will Be A Miracle

Nervous Baby

Times are tough everywhere, and many of us are cutting back on the little luxuries. Things like going to the movies, eating out, cable TV, you know, just, whatever….ensuring the health and safety of our offspring, etc, etc, etc. Oh. … Continue reading

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Study Funded By The Monster Under Your Bed

Monster Under The Bed

Do you have kids? Want to earn an easy $175 by renting their tiny bodies to science? Sure you do!

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