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Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Poloroid Picture

With the national unemployment rate hovering around 10%, these days employers don’t need to seek out applicants; they can just sit back and wait for the job-seekers to come to them. Spend time writing up a cogent, comprehensible job post? … Continue reading

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Working For Peanuts

Mr Peanut Top Hat

Working in any capacity for the uber-rich is a tough gig, and that goes double for being a personal assistant (AKA Scapegoat/Slave/Den Mother/Shrink). Expectations are high, with little room for error. To be a great personal assistant, you’ve got to have … Continue reading

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Knight In Shining Armor

Sexy Maid

Many thanks to AvoidThisJob reader Aubriane for submitting this creepy find! Well, hello Prince Charming! What a chivalrous hero! Helping ladies who “need rescued” is a dying art, so it’s good to know there are still some gentlemen out there, looking … Continue reading

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If Your Child Makes It To 18, It Will Be A Miracle

Nervous Baby

Times are tough everywhere, and many of us are cutting back on the little luxuries. Things like going to the movies, eating out, cable TV, you know, just, whatever….ensuring the health and safety of our offspring, etc, etc, etc. Oh. … Continue reading

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Cake Boss

The Cake Is A Lie

  So here’s what I (your hypothetical ideal candidate) bring to the table: 2-4 years of a culinary school education and/or a college degree A “creative mind” Professional baking skills Professional cake decorating skills What you (the anonymous collective “we” with no cited culinary experience or background) bring … Continue reading

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