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Things That Don’t Exist


Today’s lesson is a hard one. And like all hard lessons, it shall neither be the first, nor the last time you hear it. But here we go again. ATTENTION PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. It’s time to get real. Look, … Continue reading

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The Worst Way To Party Like A Rock Star

William Shatner on a Horse

Let us, for just a moment, talk once again about the qualities of a rock star. Rock stars are… Talented? Occasionally. Alcohol (ab)users? Often. Eating disordered? Often. Raging narcissists? Often. Drug (ab)users? Often. Promiscuous? Often. Excellent providers of high-quality childcare … Continue reading

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You Are Not A Rock Star

You Are Not A Rockstar

Once again, we here at AvoidThisJob find ourselves needing to remind employers and the general public that they are not rock stars. International readers: does this happen in other countries/languages? Whatever the reason, despite our best efforts, the rock star … Continue reading

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Gypsies and Thieves (No Tramps)

Gypsies, Tramps and theives

Here at AvoidThisJob, we’ve previously discussed the frequent, embarrassing and unwarranted use of words like rockstar, guru and ninja in job listings. But thanks to an anonymous reader submission, it looks like we have some new delights to add to … Continue reading

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Data Entry Ninja

Data Entry Ninja

Oh, hooray. More ninjas.   First off, the description of this position looks like a bizarre Word Jumble gone wrong. Did the CEO of your company get drunk while playing Boggle and decide The Universe was telling him to invent … Continue reading

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