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Getting Paid For It

Exclamation Mark

Ah, the exclamation point!¬†Admittedly not the most versatile of all punctuation, but the exuberant little fellow has its time and place, and is certainly beloved by AvoidThisJob. Let’s have a brief refresher, shall we? Things Exclamation Points Suggest Innocent enthusiasm! … Continue reading

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Notable Quotables

Using Quotation Marks for Emphasis

Dear Everyone, Who told you you could use quotation marks for emphasis? No, seriously, this is not a rhetorical question: WHO WAS IT, and how did this nightmare begin? Who or what is responsible, so that we might blame and/or … Continue reading

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Modern Times

Modern Times

There’s a lot to love about this modern age: refrigerators, antibiotics, indoor plumbing, the joys of basic cable, Quarter Pounders with Cheese… I mean, sure, we’re all undoubtedly hurtling towards some sort of massive, man-made apocalypse, careening into the black … Continue reading

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No, Thank You

  Thanks to our anonymous submitter for today’s most unfortunate job posting! Ok! Sounds good! Sure thing! WHAT THE F&*%?! No. Absolutely not. GROSS. No. What would I wear??! ¬†How big are these “crawl spaces”?! No. Wait, do they bite? … Continue reading

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When Every Room Is The Ladies Room

Niagra Falls

So you’ve settled in, you’ve got your cup of coffee, and you’re once again browsing through the job listings… man, it’s all the same, right? Like, job after job, they all just blend in to one another…it’s like, you can … Continue reading

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