Good Luck With That

Sad Empty PiñataHello there, Overly-Specific-Job-Poster. Now, I am admittedly filled with a dank and dusty cynicism (much like an piñata, but overstuffed with broken dreams instead of candy.) Which is probably why I find your optimism in placing this ad odd, but mildly charming.

Nevertheless, I’d advise you not to get your hopes up.

Sexy Rickshaw Driver

Let’s recap, shall we?

You are looking for FOUR (4) local gentlemen, each with the following attributes:

1) Handsome face

2) Hot body

3) Sexy/overall “good-looking”

4) Willing to work topless

5) Willing to work on the 4th of July

6) Willing to do physical labor in the white-hot midday sun

And all of this for an unspecified sum. I’d say you are now drawing from a severely limited pool, Overly-Specific-Job-Poster. The pool may, in fact, be nearly empty. And yet you continue on to dazzle us with this startling gem:


Now, I am unclear as to whether you are looking for four hot, unemployed men who each own a rickshaw (weird and unlikely), or rather if you are seeking four hot, unemployed men who jointly own a single rickshaw (weirder, and even more unlikely). Either way, although I wish you luck in your quest for these mythical, sexy rickshaw-loving manbeasts, I’d strongly advise everyone else to avoid this job.


Note: OK, so the poster is (probably) just looking for several pedicabs, the kind pulled by bicycles. But still. “Sexy Rickshaw” driver feels like the kind of phrase that immediately precedes class warfare.



Rickshaw Driver

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9 Responses to Good Luck With That

  1. Jerk says:

    When did rickshawing stop being about the love of awkwardly ferrying people about and start being a beauty contest?? Sad to see…

  2. GP says:

    Could you forward me the contact info for this?
    And a razor for my back.

  3. Brian says:

    Sadly, most men willing and able to confidently strut around topless in the midday sun are the type who live lives of luxury, far above such working class employment. Having thrown off the shackles of their parents’ rickshaw-driving (pulling?) family businesses, they’ve worked hard to rise above the shameful station of their past, and shudder at the thought of getting dragged back into the old ways. The world must never know!

  4. /b says:

    Well, you know, eighty-five percent of all homeless rickshaw businesses fail within the first three months.

  5. greg says:

    degrading!!.. even if they were too want me, I would never do it, I’m not a male prostitute… they should just get Randy Bobandy he never wears shirts, rofl @ trailer park boys

  6. notolaf says:

    Shouldn’t this be considered just as creepy as the four guys looking for a hot girl to drive them around in a car? Ew!

  7. Darkness says:

    Yes and no. Obviously both are objectifying the other gender, but the 4:1 scenario is far more likely to turn out questionably than the 8:4 one, regardless of gender. Still, I think that people would probably be focusing more on the “Eww” factor of the situation rather than the absurdity were the genders reversed.
    We live in a society where, for a rather extreme example, the rape of a woman is tragedy, while the rape of a man is comedy. Growing pains for a society of equality, I guess.
    (Don’t mind the soap box. I wasn’t really going to use it… Honest.)

  8. Jan says:

    Is a blow job included in the payment?

  9. cash for gold says:

    poor people…

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