Study Funded By The Monster Under Your Bed

Do you have kids?

Want to earn an easy $175 by renting their tiny bodies to science?

Sure you do!

Drs. Baba Yaga and Witchy McEvil are running this delicious “Child Taste” study at the prestigious Gingerbread Hospital on Candy Cane Lane. Follow the breadcrumbs!

(Kids: No matter what your parents tell you, or how appetizing that chocolate fountain behind the gumdrop doorway looks… avoid this job.)

Monster Under The Bed

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4 Responses to Study Funded By The Monster Under Your Bed

  1. Emily Altman says:

    Scary SCARY the “small prize” for the child. What is it WHAT IS IT? That part scares me the most. I feel like the “prize” is that the doctor has a black ribbon tied around his neck and at the end of the study, the child can pull it and

  2. Mariya says:

    Oh god, oh god–my sides they hurt! my eyes blurring from the tears and TEH FUNNY! Fantastic!!

  3. Jubba says:

    Oh, syntactic ambiguity. How hilarious.

  4. Gino says:

    Hilarious! That is a very resourceful monster.

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