Bringing New Meaning To The Phrase ‘Casting Couch’

Thanks to our anonymous submitter for this job listing. What a fantastic opportunity for any young actor to combine reality-show fame-whoring with actual whoring!


  • While there are certainly sex workers who are also feminists, you appear to be using the two words interchangeably. That is… weird.
  • You want people to “act as” sex workers? To “improv” sex work? Just a little? Hmm. You know there is no “5-Second Rule” for sex work, right? It still counts. All the actual sex workers are “acting” too, just without the benefit of months of Meisner Technique classes and scene study over nonfat lattes at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

On the other hand, this job will work out super well for all those eager Second City/Groundlings/Upright Citizens Brigade improv students and their mastery of the “Yes, and…” technique! Imagine the possibilities!

Or avoid this job.
Casting Couch


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2 Responses to Bringing New Meaning To The Phrase ‘Casting Couch’

  1. NoAdditives says:

    “Yes, and…” is one of the worst improv games ever.

  2. Katie says:

    ALL improv games are the worst ones ever.

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