Big Love

3 wedding ringsThanks to Kate M. for today’s submission. She says, “my husband sent me this link – he’s considering applying for the job.  I let him know that, as his wife, I’m a little uncomfortable with the possibility…” As well you should be, Kate. As well you should be.

(We’ve highlighted the critical information for your reading pleasure. The rest is dull as dirt, so feel free to skim.)

Right. So… that’s illegal.

But kudos for noting that the “potential range of tasks can be daunting.” Simply juggling everyone’s priorities will be hard, but the sheer logistics of consummating a marriage to a “portfolio of properties” has to be nightmarish… I mean… the paper-cuts ALONE

Objectum sexuals, you may have just found your dream position. Everyone else: avoid this job.

(For more information on how NOT to use the word “literally,” please visit Literally, A Web Log. Seriously. Please. Do it for America.)

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2 Responses to Big Love

  1. Actually, if the properties are in San Francisco, Massachusetts, or the like, it may be legal to be wedded to both the Property Manager and the portfolio of properties. Just because the ad doesn’t specify, doesn’t mean we can rule out the possibility.
    However, balancing 3+ spouses — depending on the number of properties in the portfolio — plus any girlfriends he has on the side, would be daunting in of itself.

  2. Danielle says:

    Hahaha, it drives me nuts when people misuse the word “literally”! But it is funny to point out to them what they are saying.

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