What A Weird Question

Job Posting Rule #47: if you’re going to ask a question in the subject line of your job post, it’s best to be fairly certain that the most likely answer isn’t a confused: “Huh? Umm… no.”

Huh? Umm… no.

Job Posting Rule #62: If you’ve already broken rule #47, don’t begin the ad by breaking it again.

Huh? Umm… No.

What? Why are you arguing with me? Are we in a fight now?

Look: I do NOT want to sell pizza bags, and it does NOT sound like fun. AT ALL. I mean, saying the phrase itself is fun: Pizza Bags. Pizza Bags. Pizza Bags! THAT is fun. And oddly gross… kinda evokes an image of giant, soggy sacks filled with dozens of greasy lukewarm pizzas… pizza bags!

But your bold proclamation that selling pizza bags is “fun” is, at best, borne of a deeply misguided enthusiasm. At worst, it’s a bold-faced lie. How many more lies await?

As discussed, it does not sound like fun. Now, hard work? Sure. Those bags ain’t gonna sell themselves! Would that they could! But rewarding? Come on. Let’s be reasonable. The Pizza Transportation Industry may be many things (weird, unknown, only vaguely effective), but “rewarding” is not one of them. Unless the reward is a job (kinda) well done.

Our submitter, Katie L Cole, notes that “…better yet fax or email a resume to us” is her favorite part, and it is indeed a strange addendum. If you’re honestly looking for a fun and rewarding career, maybe think twice about faxing your pizza bag experience here…or better yet, just:

Avoid The Noid

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3 Responses to What A Weird Question

  1. Kevin says:

    Wait, what are they? Do they ever tell us???
    Unrelated- I would wear a pizza hat.

  2. AvoidThisJob says:

    I’m assuming they are those bags that delivery places use to keep pizzas hot? It’s much more amusing to imagine them as something else entirely, though.

  3. Convincing says:

    Why would one have to be convincing? Are we tricking pepole?

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